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In [a] news on febrero 3, 2009 at 11:30 am


2492379694_1557dfe8ee1The next european presidency troika is hardly working on the objective to reflect an image of (european) union and get Europe close to citizens. To reach that goal, nothing better than a common image. Spain, Belgium and Hungary, integrants of the next european troika, will adopt a logo that would represent their presidence as a whole. This is the first time that a triple presidency shares a unique « look », and through this, the three countries will try to convince us of the goods of the european project.

 Which that « look » will be is still a mistery that will be revealed on 12th February, in Budapest. In November, the troika members opened a contest their design students to send their best proposals for a logo. The conditions : that it symbolized the common values of europeans, and it had a common element for the three countries and another one specifically created for each one of them, to be changed every semester.

 Apparently, the contest has had a great succes in Belgium, where 141 applications have been presented. Who knows if it is the chocolate (or whether the beer) that makes belgians so artistically productive. Or who knows if it is because they were already there right during the creation of the European Communities that makes them more sensitive to european items. As a matter of fact, Belgium has let their citizens choose five of the ten logos that will represent them on the final in Budapest (in Spain, it has been an expert jury who chose all of them). The website www.logo2010.belgium.be, where belgians can vote for their favourite candidate has received more than 20.000 visits and more than 10.000 votes since it was created last 23rd January!

 The winner will be soon revealed in Budapest. The capital of Hungary will reunite experts of the three countries that will choose the best logo among the 30 finalists to represent the troika. The winner will get 10.000 euros. A prize certainly not to be refused ! 

  1. […] todos para uno In [a] news on 11/01/2009 at 2:33 pm A partir del 1 de enero de 2010, los tres mosqueteros de la presidencia europea serán… tres: España, Bélgica y Hungría. Lo dice el Tratado de Lisboa, que como todo el mundo sabe no puede entrar en aplicación hasta que loratifiquen todos y cada uno de los 27 países de la Unión Europea. Sin embargo, habrá troika… y habrá un logo común. Así se lo explicamos a los europeos, aquí. […]


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